Thank you to our Syllabus Project co-creators, listed below:


allia abdullah-matta


Ariana Benson

Mary Beth Cancienne

Teri Ellen Cross Davis

Shameka Cunningham

Hayes Davis

Tyree Daye

Meta DuEwa Jones*

Angel C. Dye

Susan Facknitz*

Brian Hannon

TJ Hendrix

DaMaris B. Hill

McKinley E. Melton*

Shauna M. Morgan*

Adrienne Danyelle Oliver

Leona Sevick*

James Smethurst

Dana A. Williams*

L. Lamar Wilson

Carmin Wong

Dave Wooley


* Furious Flower Advisory Board Members


We also consulted with JMU librarians and offer our sincerest thanks to Christie Liu, Elaine Kaye, and Liz Thompson, who helped us with the instructional design of both the project and our week working with our participants. We would also like to thank James Madison University Communications & Marketing Staff for all of their assistance in telling the story of the Furious Flower Syllabus and helping to introduce these materials to the world.

Thank you to past and present Furious Flower team members: L. Renée, Megan Medeiros, Jessica Carter, Joanne V. Gabbin, Founding Executive Director of Furious Flower Poetry Center, and the Furious Flower Poetry Center Advisory Board, with special thanks to Iliana Cosme-Brooks, our Syllabus Project graduate assistant.

The Furious Flower Syllabus Project was made possible by a 2022 Poetry Foundation Equity-in-Verse grant.


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The Furious Flower Syllabus Project: Opening the World of Black Poetry Copyright © 2024 by Anastacia-Reneé; allia abdullah-matta; Ariana Benson; Mary Beth Cancienne; Teri Ellen Cross Davis; Shameka Cunningham; Hayes Davis; Tyree Daye; Angel C. Dye; Brian Hannon; T.J. Hendrix; DaMaris B. Hill; Meta DuEwa Jones; Shauna M. Morgan; Adrienne Danyelle Oliver; Leona Sevick; James Smethurst; Dana A. Williams; L. Lamar Wilson; Carmin Wong; Dave Wooley; and Joanne V. Gabbin (preface) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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