This phase provides a foundational exploration of the Open Pedagogy landscape.

During this Phase, participants will read materials to learn what open pedagogy is and the relationship between social justice and Open Pedagogy. Participants also experience open projects, reflect on their worldview of open, and engage in discussions about issues of knowledge production with colleagues as they begin shaping their open pedagogy journey. Participants will use the Project Design Template to analyze needs for their Open Project by reflecting on who their learners are, the role of open in their course, and their own role as faculty. This Phase includes three sessions: Sessions 1 and 3 are asynchronous, and Session 2 is synchronous on Zoom.

Here is the timeline we used when we facilitated this Phase:

  • Session 1 asynchronous work: Feb 6-21
  • Session 2 synchronous session: Feb 22
  • Session 3 asynchronous work: Feb 27-March 20th
  • Individual consultations with facilitators over Zoom: week of March 20-24

Learning Objectives for Phase 1

By completing Phase 1,  participants will make progress towards

  1. Exploring the landscape of open educational practices and the values of open in order to reflect where they are in their open journey.
  2. Engaging with global and local conversations around the role of social justice and open.
  3. Critically questioning traditional measures of authority in the scholarly landscape.


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