This phase provides participants the opportunity to begin designing their Open Pedagogy projects.  Participants will have the space to reflect on their current strategies and identify a specific course component to design (or re-design) with a focus on the role of students as co-creators. Throughout this phase, participants are reminded to reflect on how their project is grounded in the values for Open Pedagogy. Participants will also explore various open publishing platforms as they begin to identify and articulate the needs of their project. Participants will use the Project Design Template to guide them through designing their Open Project. This Phase includes three sessions: Session 4 is synchronous over Zoom, and Sessions 5 and 6 are asynchronous.

Here is the timeline we used when we facilitated this Phase:

  • Session 4:synchronous session March 29
  • Session 5: asynchronous work: April 10-May 22
  • Individual consultations with facilitators over Zoom: week of May 22-26
  • Session 6: asynchronous work: May 26-Sept 5, 2023

Learning Objectives for Phase 2

By completing Phase 2  participants will make progress towards

  1. Valuing students as co-creators of information.
  2. Evaluating current pedagogical, curricular, and assessment strategies.
  3. Identifying key course components to be re-designed or developed as part of goals for the program.
  4. Engaging with the open community and resources to support development work
  5. Determining appropriate open source types & platforms for your given needs.

**There will be some divergence in this phase based on each person’s project design template. However, there will be readings and activities that touch all.**


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