4 Acceptable Content, Intellectual Property, and your Privacy

JMU Libraries provides several systems where the JMU community can upload and describe digital objects. To ensure the effective and efficient use of JMU resources, the Libraries has policies and guidelines related to systems containing user-contributed content. For details about acceptable content, see JMU Libraries’ User-Contributed Content policy.

You retain all your intellectual property rights that you have as a JMU author, including your right to make fair use of other works. You also grant the Libraries the non-exclusive right to publish your e-book on the Pressbooks platform and freely distribute the content electronically. This right does not include the right for JMU Libraries to sell the content or sell access to the content.

As part of JMU’s license with Pressbooks, Pressbooks is obligated to protect authorized users’ non-public information (authorized users are JMU affiliates with active @jmu.edu and @dukes.jmu.edu email accounts). This means that Pressbooks will not share any of your personally identifiable information associated with your account with any third parties, except subject to court order.


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