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This guide is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about using Pressbooks to create and publish a book at James Madison University. The guide does not replace the services of a publisher (copyediting, design, proofreading), but rather, the guide provides instructions for using the Pressbooks platform and its features to self-publish. The guide is maintained by JMU Libraries and is subject to ongoing updates and revisions.

We have organized our guidance into the following parts:

Part I. User Policies and Guidelines

This section summarizes the essential policies and guidelines that we expect users to follow when they create books with JMU Libraries Pressbooks.

Part II. Making Your Book

This section provides an overview of how to accomplish key tasks to get your account up and running and dive into your book project. For more comprehensive guidance, consult the general Pressbooks user guide.

Part III. Publishing and Promoting Your Book

This section provides an overview of what to consider when you are planning to publish your book, from the technical process of exporting files to strategies for exposure and discoverability.


The Appendices provide information about additional resources for those working on open textbooks and a change log of updates to this publication.

More Information

Questions or feedback? Email Liz Thompson, thomp3ea@jmu.edu.


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